Royal Canal Clean-up Saturday 12th April

The next Royal Canal clean-up day is this Saturday, 12th April, and the Royal Canal team will have two different groups working on the day. If you’ve been at a clean up in the past few months, you know that there have been some changes, and they are excited to announce that there are now two local resident’s groups who are leading the clean ups from this month.

There is a small group of residents from the Shandon Gardens area who will organise the clean up for the Phibsboro to Broombridge section, while a group of residents in Drumcondra will be organising the clean up on the Drumcondra section. Both groups are planning to do a monthly clean up in future.

If you are free to join them this Saturday, 12th April, there are two meeting points:
Binn’s Bridge, Dorset Street, Drumcondra, Google Map:
Crossguns Bridge, Phibsboro Road, Dublin 7, Google map:

Both groups will begin at 11am and will finish around 1pm, and as usual go for tea/coffee after.

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