Simon Botanic Road


Mary continues to seek clarity from Dublin Simon Community in relation to their proposed use of 86-88 Botanic Road.

Mary called on Dublin Simon to respond to questions raised by locally elected representatives. In response, Dublin Simon have invited the Cabra Glasnevin councillors to meet next Tuesday (Dec 3rd).

Dublin Simon say they will explain their intentions in relation to 86-88 Botanic Road and outline details on the residential apartments operating from the properties. They will also answer clarify open questions and agree next steps.

Dublin Simon are also suggesting that they will meet and engage with representatives of two local residents associations, Prospect ACA and IDRA, and arrange a follow up with all residents interested in meeting Dublin Simon.

Mary welcomes Dublin Simon’s offer to meet with residents and will continue to work on behalf of residents to gain clarity and agreement with Dublin Simon on the use of the two properties.

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