Táinaiste Eamon Gilmore is in denial on scale of housing crisis

In response to Táinaiste Eamon Gilmore’s comments on the housing crisis in Dublin on RTÉ’s News at One today:

Dublin City Cllr Mary Fitzpatrick said “It is clear from his comments on News at One that Táinaiste Eamon Gilmore is completely in denial about the magnitude of the housing crisis in Dublin.  He referenced ‘almost 1000’ boarded up houses that will be made available to those who are in need of housing”.  Cllr Fitzpatrick continued “While an announcement of up to 1,000 properties is welcome, he did not specify when we can expect them to come on-stream, and it does not come near to addressing the fact that we have 20,000 people on the social housing list in Dublin City Local Authority alone”.

Cllr Fitzpatrick continued “Táinaiste Gilmore also referred to the update earlier this week by Minister for Housing Jan O’Sullivan, that 163 properties were identified as ‘completed/contracted’ by NAMA for social housing in Dublin City Local Authority.  Today I have been informed none of these properties have been transferred from NAMA, and that it may be next year before a number of them are ready for allocation”.

Cllr Fitzpatrick concluded “It is time for Táinaiste Gilmore to stop focusing on issuing sound bites.  We need real action, not headlines to address the spiralling housing crisis in Dublin.  I am calling on the Government and The Táinaiste to give us real dates, real locations for property allocations.  Let those who are waiting know when properties will be available rather than focusing on making announcements and launching initiatives”.

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