The Online Safety and Media Regulation (OSMR) Bill

The Online Safety and Media Regulation (OSMR) Bill will be one of the most important pieces of legislation to be enacted by parliament.  One of the key measures of its success will be how effectively it tackles on-line harm.  It’s essential we get the legislation right so that it robustly deals with on-line harm.

The Fianna Fáil members of the Oireachtas Media Committee are to seek clear definitions of Online Harms in the forthcoming Online Safety and Media Regulation (OSMR) Bill and assurances of a workable individual complaint and redress mechanism before the legislation is enacted.

The success of this legislation will be measured in part by how effectively it is able to address online harms. We need to look at technological solutions as well as complaints and redress mechanisms. We do not want to see a system to deal with online harms that is inoperable or weak or where, for lack of legal definition, tech companies can find loopholes. 

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