Traffic changes on North Quays

The Luas cross city is on schedule to be fully operational by years end.

To prepare for the impact of Luas on city centre traffic Dublin City Council are planning to make changes from this August to traffic arrangements on both the north and south quays.

The proposals for the north quays include:

  • New dedicated bus lane from Ormond Quay to Bachelors Walk and across to Eden Quay, with buses stops being extended
  • Left turning general traffic will be allowed to access Bachelors Walk as far as O’Connell Bridge. This will facilitate access to car parks and deliveries into the O’Connell Street, Henry Street and Abbey Street areas.
  • General  vehicular traffic from Eden Quay at O’Connell Bridge will be removed
  • Eden Quay as far as Marlborough Street will be reconfigured as a public transport, cycling and pedestrian only link
  • Eden Quay will consist of two eastbound bus lanes (one for buses stopping) on the north side of the road and the taxi rank will remain on the building side
  • The right turn from Bachelors Walk onto O’Connell Bridge will be removed for general vehicle traffic, but will remain for buses, taxis and cyclists

You can read full details here.

The deadline to make a submission to Dublin City Council on their proposals is April 10 2017, further details here.