Undocumented Migrants

No country in Europe has been as affected by emigration over the last two centuries as Ireland.

Approximately ten million people have emigrated from the island Ireland since 1800.

Mary welcomes the historic and life changing decision by government to open a scheme in to regularise undocumented migrants in Ireland.

Once-in-a-generation scheme will be open to those who don’t have a current permission to reside in Ireland but who have been living here for four years and will open in January for 6-months.

The people who will benefit from this scheme currently live in the shadows, yet many of them work in our shops, restaurants, healthcare facilities, delivery services

They are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers who have made their home in Ireland, pay taxes, contribute to our communities, and yet live with great uncertainty or peace of mind.

Many of them are in very vulnerable situations due to their current immigration circumstances

Successful applicants will receive immigration permission, access to the labour market and can begin path to citizenship.

The scheme was developed following a consultation process with key stakeholders including NGOs that work directly with people and families who are in vulnerable immigration-related circumstances, as well as inter-Departmental and operational stakeholders.  

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