US Immigration Reform

Former Congressman Bruce Morrison & Mary in Dublin 2012.

In the early 1990s I was lucky enough to win a Morrison Visa to the US through the Morrison Visa Lottery. I spent a number of great years working in the US before my attachment to home brought me back for good in 1998. Having the visa ment I was legally entiteled to live and work in the US but I knew many Irish people who were there illegally and this caused them great stress and pain. The campaign for Immigration Reform is going on years but Immigration Reform has recently moved to the House of Representative in the United States. This is the most important piece of legislation for the Undocumented Irish in many years. There are currently 50,000 Undocumented Irish in America who are living in the shadows and cannot return home to see their family. They need our help. Can you please contact people you know in America and ask them to communicate with their Member of Congress the message “Irish Americans are in favour of Immigration Reform”. To keep up to date with the reform effort please like “The Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform” on Facebook. Thanks, Mary

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