Water Charges

At this months meeting of Dublin City Council I called for the installation of domestic water meters to be delayed in Dublin until Minister Hogan releases information on his promised “first fix free” scheme.  The government is making a major mistake prioritizing metering ahead of fixing leaks and building new water sources.

The Government has not published the legislation to deal with the transition of water services to Irish Water yet they are pushing ahead with the installation of meters to homes in Dublin City. Installation of domestic water meters will being this week on the northside of the city on the following roads: Mobhi Rd, Clarehaven, Glasanaon Road, St Pappin’s Road, Glasnevin Ave, Benevin, Ballygall, Ventry, Kilkieran, St Attractas and the Finglas Road.  I have asked rish Water to contact homeowners directly before they install the meters.

In June 2013 Minister Hogan promised the Government would pay to fix any leaks found on the homeowner’s side. I have repeatedly asked Irish Water, Dublin City Council and the Minister for information on his promised “first fix free” scheme. Irish Water and Dublin City Council say they have no details and the Minister’s office says he is still working on it.

It is wrong that the Government are again hitting homeowners with extra charges for no additional service. I raised this at City Council where the majority Labour and Fine Gael Councillors support Minister Hogan’s crazy water “plan” as he is guaranteeing their re-election by adding 53 more Councillors in Dublin.  Mary