Z15 Institutional Land Zoning

There was a special meeting of Dublin City Council on Monday 11th June 2012 to consider the court judgement regarding DCC’s definition of Z15 land zoning in the Dublin City Development Plan.

The following motion was passed by the elected representatives: “Having considered the terms of the High Court judgement (Reference 2011 No.56JR) that this Council remit the Z15 Zoning as defined within the Dublin City Development Plan to the consideration of the Manager’s Report on Submissions/Observations on the draft Plan Stage (May 2010) for further consideration by this Council.”

I voted against this motion because I stand by the decision I took in the development plan process and the decision if worth taking is worth defending. I have not changed my opinion that residential should be excluded from Z15 and this motion will not adequately address the serious issue facing the City Council, the owners of Z15 zoned lands and the wider city.

The City Manager told me that DCC will go back to Court on the 15th and advise the Judge of the motion passed by the Council. There may be legal submission from the other side and then it depends on the order of the Judge and when he makes that order.

Assuming the Judge approves the remittal proposal we will return to consideration of the matter as it was defined in May 2010 as resolved by the Council.

I will seek to have the matter addressed as soon as possible once the Judge makes his ruling. Mary

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