15-17 Drumcondra Rd Lwr

The Director of Dublin City Council’s Dublin Regional Homeless Executive (DRHE) has advised Mary that they have engaging with the owner of 15-17 Lower Drumcondra Road, Dublin 9 since the beginning of March 2020 to deliver additional capacity for homeless single persons as part of the COVID-19 response.

DRHE intends using the properties to accommodate a maximum of 40 people. The Director advised Mary of the following:

“This property had previously provided residential accommodation for a wide range of adults, (singles/couples) working and or studying in the area and it’s use to accommodate homeless persons is not a change of use and the works which involve repair and renewal do not necessitate a planning application.

The provision of this residential accommodation, allows the DRHE continue to respond to the need for provision of accommodation to enable social distancing, and isolation thereby reducing the public health risk to homeless adults at this time.

The Gardai have attended the site on a number occasions following concerns raised in relation to social distancing and it has been found to be adhering to social distancing guidelines at all times.

This property will assist DRHE accommodate adults, in a residential setting. It is not a hostel, there is no NGO involved in the management of this property and the owner is making the accommodation available to DRHE directly by way of a formal contract.

The owner’s design team, taking into account Environmental Health guidelines on private rented accommodation, together with the recently issued social distancing guidelines, advised the DRHE this residential accommodation could accommodate approximately 38-40 adults.

With the application of these two sets of guidelines, the number of adults in these properties has decreased from 62, to 40 adults which is a reduction in the use/intensification of approximately a third.

It was neither DCC’s intention or the owners to ever accommodate 120 adults in these properties, and this would not have been in keeping with its established use.

The DRHE has overseen the installation of 40 beds at the facility over the last number of days and has ensured that the facility is ready to accommodate individual adults requiring emergency accommodation.

The property is owned by Brimwood Ltd and will continue to be operated by them on behalf of DCC/ DRHE in the provision of suitable residential accommodation for single adults.”

In response, Mary has requested DRHE provide the following information:

  • How long is the contract/lease for between DRHE & Brimwood?
  • How much is DRHE paying for the property ?
  • Is it intended as temporary or long term accommodation?
  • Where will tenants come from i.e. DCC Housing list and if accommodated in these properties will they be removed from DCC housing list?
  • Will it accommodate single adults only? Or will it accommodate couples/families?
  • When will tenants start to move in?
  • Is there a curfew in operation at the property?
  • Has the Fire Officer approved the facility as meeting current fire and safety standards?
  • Is there on-site, 24hr/7 day management ?
  • If so, can you please provide a name and contact details for the on-site manager?

Mary will follow up on all these requests and feedback as soon as possible.