Mary welcomes the reminder issued from Minister Robert Troy to Irish consumers about the new arrangements now in place for online retail under the recently concluded Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the EU and the UK.

The Minister said that Irish consumers should be aware that:

  1. only goods of proven UK origin are tariff free
  2. goods bought from the UK but not of UK origin that cost more than €150 may be subject to customs duty
  3. Irish VAT will apply on goods bought in the UK that cost more than €22
  4. where UK VAT has been charged on the purchase of goods, Irish VAT will still apply when the good(s) is imported into Ireland.
  5. If an Irish consumer is charged UK VAT, a refund of such VAT should be sought by the consumer from the supplier.

Consumers in Ireland need to be aware:

  1. that the convenience and protections that we had enjoyed as EU consumers no longer automatically apply when buying from UK online retailers (as the UK formally exited the EU Single Market on 1 January 2021) and;
  2. that EU consumer protection legislation that applies to goods bought in the EU Single Market do not apply to purchases made in the UK.  Instead consumers will rely on UK consumer protection legislation, if something goes wrong with a purchase.

For more information visit:

Competition and Consumer Protection Commission