Covid-19 Vaccination Programme

With Covid19 cases continuing to rise Mary welcomes reports that the HSE has commenced the first phase of a vaccination programme for Covid19

The Covid19 vaccine programme is free, safe, effective and secure.

The Covid19 vaccine will be first made available to our most vulnerable and those who care for them.

The vaccination programme will be delivered by a national partnership involving GPs, Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals across Ireland.

Government’s objective is to ensure free, safe, effective & secure vaccines for all.

Over the course of week commencing Jan 4, 2021 vaccinations will be distributed nationally to provide vaccination to approx. 17,000 frontline workers.

From January 11, 2021 vaccine supplies to Long Term Care Facilities will significantly increase and the aim is to vaccinate residents of more than 150 nursing homes per week.

The vaccination programme will take a great national partnership of pharmacists, GPs, nurses, paramedics, nursing home staff and other healthcare professionals to successfully complete it.  Over the coming weeks it is hoped to mobilise approximately 1700 vaccinators across the country.  For vaccine programme updates click HERE. 

Commencement of the vaccine programme is hopefully the beginning of our final fight back against the pandemic.

It has been a very tough journey but now more than ever we must continue to be vigilant.  We must continue to wash our hands, keep our distance, reduce our contacts, wear masks and do all we can to suppress the virus.

Individually and collectively we have the power to save lives and livelihoods. 

Stay safe.