An Ireland for all

Mary is proud to promote Fianna Fáil’s Manifesto 2020, An Ireland for all.

The key objective underpinning this manifesto is a government which serves the needs of all citizens and not the few.

Fianna Fáils aims are

  1. Quality of life for every family
  2. Owning your own home
  3. Strong, vibrant & safe communities across Ireland
  4. Delivering our climate change targets
  5. Work for Ireland’s values on the global stage.

People are struggling to access our health services when they need them. Communities feel abandoned and believe that decency and fairness have been forgotten. Far too many families are homeless and many people are struggling to pay high rents or to buy a home. However, Fine Gael are still proud of their record and it wants five more years in power with the same plans and the same Ministers. Ireland has had nine years of over promising and under delivery. I want that to change after February 8th. I believe our country needs a new government. A government that has the will and ability to deliver real progress on health, housing, crime and the cost of living. Our Party’s manifesto sets out ambitious, deliverable and sustainable policies across a range of areas. Its main aim is to steer and transform our whole country in a positive direction while protecting Ireland’s economic strength.

Micheál Martin, Leader of Fianna Fáil