Belvedere Grounds Development

There has been some speculation locally about redevelopment of the Belevedere grounds on the Navan Road. To the best of my knowledge, and up to when I last checked there is no planning application for development on these lands or the Dominican lands adjacent to Riverston. Both of these lands have become the focus of some attention in the draft Dublin City Development Plan. In the draft plan the City Manager wants to zone these lands to allow for residential development. I have not supported the managers proposal and have worked to have residential excluded from the zoning of these lands. My rationale for so doing is as follows: 

  1. there is sufficient land in the area already zoned for residential purposes that has yet to be developed.
  2. residential development on these lands would remove vital open green space from the area.
  3. by including residential in the zoning councillors give the planners a blank cheque to make decisions about developments without any recourse to the elected representatives of the people.
  4. if residential development was to take place it should be subject to the approval of the peoples representatives.

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