Bin Collections

As and from next Monday 16th Jan 2012 Dublin City Council will no longer collect household rubbish in Dublin City. Dublin City Council, under the control of Labour and Fine Geal, awarded the contract for domestic bin collections to Greyhound.

I objected at City Council to Dublin City Council withdrawing from the collection of household rubbish in the City.

Under the new contract householders should receive a letter from Greyhound this week advising them of the new arrangements for their bin collections. Greyhound will be responsible for collection of green, grey and brown bins as well as tagged bags.

Greyhound will require householders to pay in advance for their bin collections. Greyhound has agreed to honour the waivers that were already in place with Dublin City Council so Households that were approved for a bin waiver in 2011 will continue to get the a waiver on the standing charge. There is no obligation on Greyhound to accept or grant any new waiver applications. Greyhound will require all customers to clear any arrears owing to Dublin City Council and will require customers to pay in advance for their collection service.

The City Manager has agreed to provide a detailed explanation of the new arrangements for bin collection over the next few days, when he does I will post them to my website.

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