Broadstone to be revealed

Like most local people I was horrified by the sight of the large ugly concrete wall recently constructed as part of the LUAS stop which obscures Broadstone Station.

I was really taken aback by the wall because as a City Councillor 2004-2014 and former member of Grangegorman Development Authority I took great interest in and supported the plans for Luas to Broombridge and I had no recollection of ever seeing it in the original plans.

I contacted Transport Infrastructure Ireland,TII, raised objections and questioned the walls height and design.   I am pleased to say that today TII  informed me that they have taken on-board objections to the retaining wall at Broadstone and are working on a re-design.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland have met with Dublin City Council and are working on re-designing the wall so that the height will be reduced and Broadstone Station revealed to full view.

TII hope to have a new design, which is subject to approval of DCC and the Commission for Railway Regulation, available in the next two weeks.  They are working to reduce the height of the wall, possibly install railings and enhance the finish of the surface of the wall.  Most critically the new design will mean Broadstone Station will not be obscured from view, it will be fully revealed.  Following my request TII have committed to making images available for the public to view on their website as soon as they are available.

I look forward to seeing the new design for the wall.  Hopefully once this design error is corrected Bus Eireann who own Broadstone and Dublin City Council who are responsible for the public domain will enhance Broadstone Station and the public space and make the new plaza an attractive and safe public space.