Safe walking and cycling

Dublin Central is one of the most heavily congested road networks in the country.   Yesterday someones daughter, sister, girlfriend, mother or wife narrowly escaped with her life when her bike was crushed by a truck.  Lets hope she makes a full recovery.

The Minister for Transport allocates less than 1% of his transport budget to walking and cycling.    Earlier this year myself and others called on the Minister for Transport to give increased and adequate funding to improve safety for walking and cycling in Dublin Central. I also asked the Department of Transport to reverse their decision to cut funding for the upgrading of the Royal Canal tow path from Spencer Dock to Cabra.  The decision to cut funding for this project was short-sighted and should be reversed.

Investment in improved walking and cycling facilities will benefit the local community and the hundreds and thousands of people who work, visit and pass through the Dublin Central every day.  It will improve our environment and save money.

Before he was a minister Shane Ross  campaigned for removal of the M50 Toll Barriers so he should understand the power of campaigning and respond appropriately.

Please take a minute to email Minister for Transport Shane Ross and ask him to remove the barriers to safe walking and cycling in our city by investing 10% of the Transport Budget in walking and cycling.  His email address is or