Budget 2024

Budget 2024 provides supports to individuals families and businesses new investment in public services, infrastructure for the future and the largest home building programme for decades. It is designed to ensure opportunity for all while providing a safety net for those who need it most.

Here are some highlights from Budget 2024:

  • Mortgage interest relief
  • Three energy credits of €150 each (€450), paid to households this winter
  • Minimum wage increased to €12.70.
  • Childcare costs cut by 25%
  • Renters tax credit increased by 50% to €750
  • The threshold for the higher rate of income tax has increased by €2,000 to €42,000
  • Weekly social welfare and pension payments increased by €12
  • Double child benefit payment before Christmas
  • Free school books extended to junior cycle students
  • USC cut to 4%
  • Half price public transport extended to 24 and 25 year olds
  • 1,000 additional Garda recruits

More information on Budget 2024 can be found HERE.