BusConnects, update

Mary welcomes the clarification and release of information by the National Transport Authority (NTA) of revised proposals for public realm “enhancements” in Stoneybatter and Phibsborough associated with their proposed Blanchardstown and Ballymun bus corridors.

You can review the revised proposals for Stoneybatter HERE and for Phibsborough HERE.

Mary supports the provision of a more affordable, efficient and reliable public bus service for Dublin City and has called on the NTA to do the following:

  • Conduct transparent and inclusive public consultation
  • Include Park & Ride for outer city commuters
  • Include free public bus service
  • Guarantee local bus services for inner city communities
  • Combine bus corridor and bus connects consultations (i.e. network route redesigns)

The next round of Community Forum meetings, in relation to the Core Bus Corridors, will commence during September in advance of the next round of public consultation starting in November 2019. 

It will take another 12 months of technical, environmental, and transport impact assessment work before any final plans are complete for presentation to An Bord Pleanála for statutory approval in second half of 2020.

Mary will post all updates she receives but in the meantime, Mary is very interested in what you think of the proposals, please send your opinion to info@maryfitzpatrick.ie