Cabra Traffic

At the October Central Area Committee meeting I submitted a motion calling on Dublin City Council to put in place a comprehensive traffic management plan for Cabra to reduce the negative impact of increased traffic volumes through Cabra when the fly-over on the Ratoath Road opens. In response to this motion the Manager provided me with the following report : “In common with all major schemes an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was prepared as part of the planning process for the Ratoath Road realignment and new Overbridge. As part of the EIS Traffic Impacts were considered. While the scheme will increase traffic safety, reduce traffic congestion and facilitate enhanced rail services on the existing rail line traffic volumes are predicted to increase on Ratoath Road, Canal Avenue, Fassaugh Avenue, River Road and Cabra Road and to be reduced on Dunsink Lane, Ashtown Road and Navan Road. Traffic analysis undertaken shows that the junction most affected by the scheme the upgraded Ratoath Road / Ballyboggn Road junction will operate satisfactorily in the design year. Following the opening of the bridge traffic department will monitor traffic in the area to determine if any additional traffic management measures are warranted. The contact for this work is Ronan O’Dea, Senior Engineer, Tel 222 2907.”  Mary

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