Dáil Constituency Boundary Review

Following the last census the Minister established a Constituency Commission  to review and report on constituencies for the election of members of Dáil Éireann (TDs) and the election of Irish members (MEPs) of the European Parliament.

The Commission is tasked with reviewing the existing constituencies and making recommendations, for no change or for alteration of boundaries, having regard to the results of the latest Census of Population.  The initial census figures indicated that the Dáil constituencies of Dublin Central and North West are underrepresented.

As Chairperson of the Fianna Fáil Dublin Central Erskine Childers Cumann I worked with members to formulate a submission that corrects the under-representation in Dublin’s North City, most especially in the Dáil constituencies of Dublin Central and Dublin North West.  The submission recommends restoring Dublin Central to 4 seats and some minor boundary changes to adjoining North Dublin City constituencies.  You can read the full submission here.