Derelict Housing

As a City Councillor Mary fought to have derelict buildings revamped as much needed homes for people.

In December Mary had the opportunity to question Dublin City Council on their efforts to identify derelict housing and to bring it back to housing supply.

Mary stated during the proceedings that the housing crisis requires both national and local Government to sweat every single asset, and using existing built property is the most sustainable and efficient way to increase the housing stock.

The submissions from Dublin City Council make it very clear this is not a simple issue. It is complex and a nuanced approach needs to be taken to it. Waterford’s example of the repair and lease scheme shows very much how significant progress can be made when there is a focused, proactive approach.

You can watch back the Joint Oireachtas Committee on this issue in full here.

Again, in January Mary spoke about derelict housing, and what needs to be done to use these properties as homes on Newstalk FM with Tom Dunne.

You can listen back to the interview here.

At Newstalk FM talking about Derelict Properties January 2022