Dublin City Taskforce

The Dublin City Taskforce announced by the Taoiseach must be more than a media event. For a safer, cleaner, more liveable city we need:


  • Reintroduction of small area policing
  • Greater garda numbers and visibility in the city
  • More community Gardai
  • Introduction of Public Transport Police
  • 24/7 criminal District Court in Dublin

Cleaner Streets

  • Increased street cleaning
  • Increased street lighting and lighting enhancements
  • Saturday evening rubbish collection

Tackling Vacancy & Dereliction

  • An acceleration of regeneration projects in the city such as Dominick Street Flats, St Mary’s Place, the City Library, The Fruit and Vegetable Market, The National Monument, Constitution Hill flats

You can watch Mary raise the Dublin City Taskforce in the Seanad below.