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I welcome confirmation that the Government has committed to review its decision to slash disability allowance however I really think it is a reversal of this decision that is needed, not a review. On the Prime Time Budget Special last night Minister Michael Noonan seemed to agree when he even admitted that the cut was “worth looking at again” in the context of the social welfare bill.

This is an unnecessary and extremely unfair cut and while it will only save the Government €7m it will rob some young people who are unable to work of their sense of dignity. A young adult aged 16-18 is currently receiving €188 per week. Under the Government’s plan they will be cut to approximately €71 a week while those aged 18-24 will see a cut of €88 weekly in their allowance, down to just €100 a week. The savings on this proposal are miniscule in the context of the overall budget and the Government should reverse this unnecessary imposition on vulnerable young people. 

If you feel strongly about this issue you should email Joan Burton the Minister for Social Protection at