“First Fix Free”

Earlier this year Minister Hogan promised homeowners that, in advance of the introduction of domestic water metering, the government would pay to repair leaks on the homeowner’s side. 

Dublin City Council has confirmed to me that the installation of domestic water meters will commence in Dublin this month. Dublin City Council was however unable to provide any information or any details of the “First Fix Free” repair scheme promised to homeowners by Minister Hogan. It is unacceptable that in the coming weeks Irish Water will commence installation of water meters to 160,000 homes in Dublin yet there are no details available to homeowners on the promised “First Fix Free” repair scheme.  

I think people can be forgiven for thinking that Minister Hogan’s promise to fix any leaks found for free is going to turn into just another, in a long line of, broken promises. The Minister can if he chooses dispel people’s doubts by confirming his commitment to fix leaks for free and by immediately publishing information on how he will do it. Mary

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