Fruit & Vegetable Market

Dublin 7’s Victorian Fruit and Vegetable Market is in one of the oldest parts of our city where the streets date back to medieval times.

Last year it was included in the €121million the North Inner City Urban Regeneration Funding for Dublin.

Mary asked Minister Darragh O’Brien in the Seanad to outline how he can assist Dublin City Council to bring forward re-opening on a pilot basis before the end of this year and to advise a date for its full re-opening as soon as possible.

The Minister supports Mary’s call for the Fruit and Vegetable Market to be opened without delay.

The building has endless potential as a food market, retail space, performance space, restaurant to serve not just residents but city residents, businesses and visitors.

Unfortunately, the latest report from Dublin City Council indicates that it could be at least another two years before it is re-opened and back in productive use.