Government must defend our tax autonomy

Having worked for years with large multi-nationals Mary understands the commercial importance of Ireland’s corporate tax rate for multi-nationals deciding where to invest and create jobs.

Mary is extremely critical of the Governments failure to vigorously contest the European Commissions “state aid” ruling in relation to Apple which puts our autonomy over our corporation tax, Foreign Direct Investment and jobs at risk.

Yesterday the European Commission  commenced infringement proceedings against the Irish Government for failure to collect €13 billion plus interest from Apple.  This highlights the Government’s incompetent handling of the issue and does not help Ireland’s cause as we seek to defend our autonomy over corporation tax.

Following the European Commission ruling last year the  Irish Government should have moved, without delay, to collect the €13 billion plus interest from Apple and placed it in an escrow account while it actively defended our case.

At a time when several EU member states and Donald Trump have Ireland’s corporation tax rate in their sights the Government should be more assertive about defending our tax code.

The Governments inaction has forced the European Commission to take action.  This development is not helpful to Ireland’s cause and will embolden those who seek to portray us as engaging in harmful tax competition.

The Government needs to get its act together, vigorously contest the European Commissions original ruling and take action to protect our tax autonomy, Foreign Direct Investment and Jobs.