Greyhound Bins

At a special meeting of the City Council I put forward eight emergency motions dealing with the Greyhound deal and following is what was agreed:

1. Homeowners in the city must be provided with at least the same level of waste collection service that they had previously received from DCC or real choice of more than two alternative service providers. The City Manager is to re-instate domestic bin collections in the city.

2. Greyhound is to offer the same payment terms e.g. quarterly in arrears to all customers in the city.

3. DCC Waste Collection employees were poorly treated and DCC failed them as an employer by failing to give them an opportunity to compete for the waste collection service and/or providing them with alternative meaningful employment.

4. The City Manager is to provide a report detailing what services Ernst and Young provided with regards to domestic waste collection to DCC. The report should outline the criteria by which E&Y were awarded the contract, what other service providers bid for the contract, the total value of the contract and identify what expertise E&Y provided for €250k that DCC itself did not have after 100 years providing waste collection services?

5. The decision by Dublin City Manager and adjoining County Managers to withdraw from waste collection could lead to the establishment of a private monopoly and is to be referred to the Competition Authority to review the decisions taken and the resulting competitive situation in the four Dublin markets.

6. We raised concerns over the transfer of customer information from DCC to Greyhound without their prior knowledge or consent. The Data Protection Commissioner is to review the exchange of data between DCC and Greyhound, to advise if there was any breach of data protection guidelines and to take action if there were.

7. The City Manager is to make available to the members the service level agreement and the commercial terms agreed with Greyhound. The Manager should advise what payment Greyhound made to DCC for the business and/or how much DCC is paying Greyhound to fulfil the service.

8. We raised concerns about recent reports that Greyhound has incorporated itself in a foreign jurisdiction, and if correct, express further concern about DCC having engaged a non resident company that may not be required to pay tax or file accounts in this jurisdiction. We ask the City Manager for an immediate response to this report and if correct an explanation of when he first became aware of this change of jurisdiction.


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