Greyhound Contract

As leader of the Fianna Fail group I arranged for us to meet with the Dublin City Manager to discuss the Fianna Fail Groups’ outstanding request for details of the agreement between Dublin City Council and Greyhound Waste Management.

At the meeting on May 30, 2012 the City Manager advised us that Greyhound is asserting confidentiality clauses in the agreement to prevent the City Manager sharing the details of the agreement with the elected representatives of DCC. It is our belief that section 136 of the Local Government act requires the City Manager to provide us with information when we request it as we have repeatedly done in relation to the Greyhound deal. We agreed at the meeting that the City Manager will formally advise Greyhound that we are seeking to invoke section 136 of the Local Government Act and he will request Greyhound to respond on the issue of the confidentiality of the Asset Purchase Agreement versus the requirements of Section 136. When Greyhound respond DCC will engage independent counsel advice on the response of Greyhound having regard to the Agreement and the requirements of Section 136. Greyhound are due to respond before the end of the month.  Regards, Mary