Greyhound & Data Protection Commission

The Data Protection Commission has issued a report on the Transfer of Personal Data from Dublin City Council to Greyhound.

While the Data Protection Commission finds that DCC did not breach the Data Protection Acts they do go on to find that DCC did not fully meet the “fair processing” requirements of the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 and DCC “did not have sufficient regard to the DPC’s guidance note on “transfer of ownership of Business”.

The Data Protection Commission criticises DCC and Greyhound for not giving customers sufficient advance notice of the changeover.

As part of the deal Greyhound will assume responsibility for the collection of bad debts of approximately €10million. The Data Protection Commission has stipulated that Greyhound and DCC must undertake a number of measures prior to Greyhound commencing this part of the deal. To read the full report please click HERE.

It really isn’t good enough that Dublin City Council paid consultants over a quarter of a million euro to advise them on this deal and their advice (a copy of which I am still waiting for) did not ensure that the deal complied with the statutory data protection guidelines.

I will let you know when there are further updates.


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