Homes should have been protected from flooding.

Today homes and vehicles in Cabra were destroyed by floods which could and should have been avoided.   The inadequacy of the drainage problems in the area are well known and well documented following similar flash flooding events more than five years ago.

Following the flooding in 2011 I made representations on behalf of residents to Dublin City Council for a permanent drainage solution. Dublin City Council Engineers were assigned and plans were drawn-up unfortunately it appears those plans were never implemented.  The failure to make the necessary improvements in the local drainage infrastructure has today resulted in family homes and businesses being severely damaged and put at risk.  Residents and homeowners feel totally abandoned.

I have contacted the City Manager and requested an explanation for why the drainage works were not completed, an update on when DCC will complete them and support for residents who were left with no home insurance following the previous floods.  It is unacceptable for Dublin City Council to demand residents whose homes are put at such risk pay Local Property Tax.  As a gesture of goodwill the City Manager should waive the Local Property Tax for these homes until the City Council makes the necessary improvements to the drainage infrastructure.