Housing in Dublin Central

Young working people in Dublin have little or no prospect of having their own home. They’re crippled with rents, living in fear of constant eviction or unable to move out of their own parent’s homes.

There are more than 10,000 people homeless and 4,000 of them are children. And yet there are acres of state owned land and hundreds of boarded up units.

If Mary is elected TD for Dublin Central she will ensure that the state invests in homes not homelessness. That state owned land is used to build secure, affordable homes to both buy and rent. And that flat complexes like those on Dorset St, Matt Talbot Court, Chancery Court & St Finbars Court are regenerated and put back in to use as secure, affordable homes.

For more on Mary’s priorities for Housing click HERE.

On February 8th please Vote # 1 Mary Fitzpatrick or your next highet preference.