Kinvara & The Glens Floodwork

14.09.2010: Mary has asked Dublin City Manager to advise when the swales in Kinvara and the Glens will be completed? Will the manager arrange to have the swales grassed and have the area cleaned-up? Will the Manager please advise how the finished swale will operate and be maintained?

The engineering works for the two new swales in Glendhu is now complete. The final phase of works required to bring this project to completion will be done by Redlough Landscapes. Their role is to finish the two swales to the correct levels, tidy up the two parks and re-seed the soil. This is being done during the month of September, weather permitting and will be done under the auspices of the Parks and Landscape Services Section. Contact: Jonathan Mullervy, Executive Engineer, Tel: 222 4273