Lead pipe replacement

Supports are available to remove lead pipes from your home. The Domestic Lead Remediation Grant Scheme provides funding for 100% of the approved cost of works to replace lead pipes, up to €5,000.

To determine if your house contains lead pipes, you can inspect the pipe connecting the water main to your kitchen tap. Locate the spot where the water supply pipe enters your dwelling. Unpainted lead pipes have a dull grey hue and exhibit visibly enlarged joints. They are relatively soft, and scraping the surface with a coin will unveil a shiny, silver metal underneath. Alternatively, you can seek assistance from a certified plumber or a registered building professional to assess the piping material in your residence.

To be eligible for the grant, you must occupy the house concerned as your normal place of residence. If you are a long-term tenant of the property, you must have the permission of the owner to carry out the works. The grant is administered by your local authority.

For more information on the grant click HERE.