Liffey Cycle Route

Mary is a strong supporter of improved pedestrian and cycle safety in Dublin City.  The provision of a dedicated cycle route along the city quays of the Liffey was first agreed as part of the Dublin City Development Plan 2011-2017. 

Since 2011 the number of people cycling in Dublin City has more than doubled. It is estimated that close to 100,000 people use a bike to travel around Dublin City every year.   The biggest obstacle preventing more people from using a bike in Dublin City are safety fears. 

The creation of a dedicated cycle route along the city quays was subject to a public consultation and will require major funding, design, planning, construction and structural interventions which are expected to take until 2024 to complete.

Mary believes making Dublin City a safer place to cycle should not take years and is working with the Dublin Agreement Parties to address this.

As an interim step to the full Liffey Cycle Route Dublin City Council proposes to undertake works to improve cycle safety along the Liffey city quays, increase bus priority and improve pedestrian facilities. These works will be funded by the National Transport Authority at an estimated cost of €800k.   

No traffic diversions will be introduced for this trial, any pedestrian improvements will be permanent and the works required for the trial would be completed by August 2020.

You can read the full report HERE.

Mary has asked Dublin City Council CEO to address concerns raised by the disability sector and ensure DCC captures and mitigates against traffic displacement in residential areas adjacent to the quays. 

At the monthly meeting of Dublin City Council on March 2, 2020 Mary supported and voted for the introduction of the interim cycle safety measures on the Liffey Quays.

In response to Mary’s representations the CEO of Dublin City Council agreed DCC will address concerns of the Disability Sector and undertake traffic counts to enable DCC to measure and mitigate against traffic displacement.