Local Property Tax Review

Following recent media reports that homeowners in Dublin Central are facing Local Property Tax increases of more than €500 a year Mary has sought clarification from the Government on this important issue.

Mary says, “People are well used to our Government using the media to float their ideas before implementing policy changes.

Therefor it is unsurprising that homeowners in Dublin Central are alarmed by recent media reports that the Local Property Tax in Dublin Central could increase by more than €500 a year following the Governments review.

Homeowners in Dublin Central have contacted me to express their opposition to such steep increases in Local Property Tax.

Many homeowners in Dublin Central are already dissatisfied with the lack of street cleaning, roads maintenance and see no justification for an increase in the tax without some improvement in local services.

In addition, many families in Dublin Central struggling to manage on stretched household budgets simply cannot afford such a steep increase.

Tax paying homeowners deserve clarity and certainty from the Government on the outcome of their Local Property Tax review.”