Luas Levy should be rejected

The extension of Luas from St Stephens Green to Broombridge is on target to be completed by the end of 2017.

Dublin City Council is proposing to introduce a Development Levy for the Luas which will increase the cost of desperately needed housing development in Dublin Central.  This means if approved by City Councillors  Dublin City Council will charge an extra levy for any development that takes place within 1km of the new line as follows: Residential €2,000 per unit, Commercial €38 per square meter and Retail €43 per square meter.

It is counter-productive for Dublin City Council to add extra charges that inflate the cost of building when Dublin is in the grips of a housing crises and new development is desperately needed.

The primary reason given for lack of house building in Dublin City is the high cost.   Dublin City Council should be encouraging housing development, not introducing new financial penalties and creating barriers.   The introduction of this new levy makes no sense at this time.

Mary previously successfully campaigned to have the Metro North Levy scraped.  Mary is now calling on Dublin City Council to scrap their latest proposal to introduce new charges until such time as the housing market recovers in Dublin Central.

You can read full details of the proposed scheme and express your views on the issue to Dublin City Council here.  Submissions from the public on the scheme are being accepted until Monday 20th February 2017.