Magdalen Laundry site should be developed for housing

Mary Fitzpatrick has renewed her call for the proposal by Dublin City Council to sell the last remaining Magdalene Laundry on Sean McDermott St to be rejected by City Councillors.

A survey conducted and published this week by the Inner-City Organisations Network has revealed that more than 80% of residents do not want the sale of the site to be approved by city councillors.

Mary commented, “Sadly, neither the families of those affected nor the local community have been meaningfully consulted on the future of the last remaining Magdalene laundry on Sean McDermott Street.

“This is a site with major historical significance, in state ownership and I passionately believe that the experience of the Magdalene women must be properly commemorated and the land used to provide desperately needed homes for people in Dublin Central today.

“Ultimately, the proposal put forward fails to appropriately respect those that were incarcerated and treated so poorly in the laundry. The local community has very clearly set out their view of the Council’s proposal and this must be listened to.

“Any suggestion that the State sells this prime, urban, strategically important and public owned site reflects a complete lack of will or ambition to rejuvenate our area. I and many others locally would like to see the Covent Lands site used to provide desperately needed affordable housing in the city centre.  The proposal to sell the land should be immediately and totally rejected.

“We need to reach a better outcome for this site, one that has a real purpose, that respects and values the Magdalene women, the local community and its distinct history, and the needs of those living in Dublin Central.”