Pelletstown Educate Together, update

Following Mary’s representations on behalf of Educate Together Pelletstown in respect of a permanent school building, the Minister for Education has advised Mary that the acquisition process for the school’s permanent site is now complete. You can read the Minister’s full reply HERE.

A planning application for the permanent accommodation for the school was lodged in January 2019. Following receipt of planning permission the project will proceed to tender.

Provided no issues arise it is envisaged that the permanent accommodation will be completed in September 2020.

In relation to the need for the schools interim accommodation to move from its current location in February 2020 the Minister confirmed the following:

“The school’s interim accommodation is located on a privately owned site. On Monday 27 May the Landlord contacted the Department to advise that they are now agreeable to extend the Lease termination date to the 30 June 2020, so there is no longer a need for the school to move to alternative interim accommodation in January 2020.”

Mary will continue to keep on top of this issue and ensure that Pelletstown Educate Together gets the permanent school building it deserves.