Phoenix Park

The Phoenix Park has been a life-saver for so many people living in the area during Covid-19. The Phoenix Park provides numerous opportunities for green exercise and there has been a huge increase in its use for walking, cycling, running and other sorts of outdoor exercise. 

To ensure sufficient space for social distancing from May 18th 2020 the OPW will introduce the following measures:

  • Provide cocooning space at the Phoenix Park Visitor Centre Walled Garden from 10am to 1pm, daily.
  • Provide priority cocooning car parking at the Phoenix Park Visitor Centre for those cocooning and using the walled garden.
  • Repurpose a portion of the North Road from the Cabra Gate to GHQ as a 2m wide footpath.
  • Instillation of one-way cycle lanes on the hard shoulder of Chesterfield Avenue to facilitate 2m social distancing.
  • Convert the current cycle lanes adjacent to Chesterfield Avenue into pedestrian footpaths
  • Open car parks at 10am daily from the 18th May in line with Phase 1 of the Government of Ireland Roadmap.
  • Dedicated parking areas will be provided for those taking early morning exercise.
  • Prioritise car parking for Dublin Zoo patrons in conjunction with their phased reopening
  • Introduction of pedestrianised & leisure cycle shared space on the Kyber Road.
  • Re-open the perimeter vehicular gates at 10am daily from the 8th June in line with Phase 2 of the Government of Ireland Roadmap.

The OPW will keep these measures under review and continue to work with the Gardaí and local community to ensure the park is open and safe for us all to enjoy.