Victims of Covid-19

Dublin City has been the epicentre Covid-19 in Ireland and sadly more than 1,500 people lost their battle with the killer disease. 

At the May 2020 meeting of the Central Area Committee Mary asked as a mark of respect, and to commemorate the citizens of Dublin City who lost their life to Covid-19, DCC plant a tree for every person who lost their life to Covid-19

In reply DCC advised Mary that “DCC envisages that Covid-19 will be with us into the foreseeable future. When the pandemic is over, if there is a consensus to memorialise the event this will have to be processed through the Arts, Culture and Recreation Strategic Policy Committee and in accordance with the corporate memorials policy. Any consideration of tree planting can be addressed at that time.”

Mary welcomes the reply and will follow-up with DCC to ensure an appropriate and sensitive commemoration of all victims of Covid19.