Re-zoning Dublin Industrial Estate

Dublin City Council is proposing to rezone industrial lands in the city to allow residential developments. 

In Dublin Central the proposal includes rezoning the Dublin Industrial Estate off the Ballyboggan Road to allow residential development.  You can read the full report HERE.

Dublin City Council advised Mary that DCC hopes their proposal to rezone industrial lands NOT in their ownership might stimulate private owners to develop housing in the city.

The change of zoning from Industrial to residential will be a matter for elected City Councillors to decide and approve.

Mary welcomes any proposal that might help address the housing crisis in our city. Mary has called for a social, economic and environmental impact assessment to be undertaken to help inform the rezoning decision.

Mary suggests that re-zoning for residential purposes should be conditional upon their being a master plan for the site with a commitment of affordable housing and social infrastructure including community facilities and public transport.

Mary cautions that re-zoning of these privately owned lands does not guarantee development. There are many examples of privately owned land, zoned for residential, in Dublin Central that remain undeveloped.

The Governments failed approach of relying on private developers has delivered zero new homes and/or social infrastructure in Dublin Central in the past eight years.

While in theory re-zoning could be a strong catalyst for development it is no guarantee and a change of approach from the state is needed to provide affordable homes and social infrastructure in the Dublin Central.