Senior Citizen Housing

Every individual deserves to enjoy their later years without the burden of accommodation worries. Mary hosted Threshold and Alone in Leinster House to discuss the unique housing needs of older people with TD’s and Senators.

In the short term, Housing For All is playing a crucial role in protecting and financially supporting renters. Initiatives such as increasing the social housing income threshold, Housing Assistance Payment, Rental Accommodation Scheme, the €750 Renters Tax Credit, Rent Pressure Zones, and the Tenant in Situ Scheme all provide essential support to tens of thousands of renters.

In the medium to long term, it is important that government continues to invest in and significantly increase the provision of social and affordable housing. Local Authorities, through their Housing Needs Assessment, must identify, plan for and supply appropriate housing. When a requirement for age-appropriate housing is identified, Local Authorities should ring-fence capital funding to build senior citizen homes. The older person’s financial contribution scheme, which is successfully operated by Dublin City Council should be expanded nationwide. All Local Authorities should operate a homeless prevention priority allocation for senior citizens at risk of homelessness. To ensure the state provides adequate housing for our ageing population, the right to housing should be enshrined in our constitution.

The needs of older generations who contributed to the success of our state must always be a priority. Fianna Fáil will continue to work with Threshold and Alone to ensure every older person has a safe and secure home that meets their needs.