Supports for Taxi Drivers

In Seanad Eireann Mary asked that the Minister for Transport to provide financial support for taxi drivers.

There are 23,000 taxis in Ireland. Taxis are very important public transportation mode in cities and rural towns. They provide a safe and economical alternative for many urban dwellers to owning a private car and are an essential public transport service that has been in the front line during the pandemic despite being very negatively impacted from a financial perspective.
NTA’s own survey found that 97% of taxi drivers income was negatively impacted by covid
98% implemented safety measures, masks, screens, sit in back, installed credit cards and cashless payments.

Financial Support
A year into the pandemic and taxi drivers are the only business that, apart from the Pandemic Unemployment Payment, have not received any financial support.

Since last October they have been permitted to work and earn up to €480/month and claim their PUP but there has been very little business and they have fixed costs of €11,000 a year.

Essentially individual taxi drivers have been using their PUP to pay for their insurance, maintenance and running costs instead of their family’s groceries.

It is financially impossible for taxi drivers who have essentially been without income for more than a year to be expected to make a once in a decade capital investment in their business.
Consultation, partnership to ensure a sustainable future.
The taxi drivers have lost confidence in the Taxi advisory group and withdrawn from it
Will the Minister meet with a delegation from the Taxi sector along with Oireachtas members from Government parties to discuss and agree a new structure

Two asks:

  1. Financially support the taxi drivers of Ireland
  2. Work with them to define a sustainable future for their industry and such a vital sector in public transportation

You can read the Minister’s response here.

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