Sustainable Building

In today’s world, the imperative to address environmental challenges is undeniable. Nowhere is this urgency more apparent than in the construction industry, where the choices we make have profound implications for our planet’s health.

Mary recently spoke at the Irish Green Building Council Policy Scorecard panel discussion. The IGBC scorecard recognises progress and calls for increased pace. As Fianna Fáil spokesperson for housing, Mary has pledged to support IGBC’s 10 Measures for a Better More Sustainable Built Environment.

Construction and the built environment accounts for 37% of our national emissions. Housing For All objectives suport the Climate Action Plan. The Climate Action Plan commits to:

  • All new dwellings designed and constructed to Nearly Zero Energy Building standard by 2025, and Zero Emission Building standard by 2030
  • Equivalent of 120,000 dwellings retrofitted to BER B2 or cost optimal equivalent by 2025, and 500,000 dwellings by 2030
  • 170,000 new dwellings using heat pumps by 2025, and 280,000 by 2030
  • 45,000 existing dwellings using heat pumps by 2025, and 400,000 by 2030

Making more effiecient use of existing housing stock is a key action of the Housing For All Plan. The most sustainble way to increase our housing supply is to reuse vacant properties. Vacant Property Refurbishment Grants of up to €70,000 are available turn vacant and derelict proeprties into forever homes. In 2023, 2,500 vacant social homes were brought back into use.