Tax Relief for Apartment Owners

Mary has called on the Minister for Finance to  make a provision in Budget 2022 for owner occupiers and social landlords to claim income tax relief to fix fire defects in their apartments. 

Owner occupiers are living in what can only be described as ticking time bombs. They are living in homes with totally inadequate fire protection.  

They are struggling to sleep at night for fear of being burned alive in their beds. Their home insurance is running out and insurance companies are refusing to extend their insurance cover beyond the end of this year.

Mary said that the Minister for Housing has established an independent working group that is working on this issue, evaluating the extend of the problem and the costs involved in fixing them but stressed that in the meantime something is needed for owner occupiers.  

In addition to the worry and stress of this situation owner occupiers feel it is very unfair that commercial landlords who own apartments in the same complexes can claim tax relief. 

Mary has urged the Minister for Finance to make provision, even on a time limited basis, for owner occupier and social landlords to claim tax relief for remedial works to address fire safety defects in their apartments in the Finance Bill for Budget 22.