Moore Street

Mary has asked the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage to provide an update on the restoration of the National Monument Museum on Moore Street, Dublin 1, and the regeneration of trading on that street.

Mary has campaigned with and on behalf of Moore Street Traders and relatives of 1916 for the restoration of the National Monument, creation of a commemorative 1916 museum and regeneration of the street market.

Mary has said the continued failure by Dublin City Council to progress regeneration and restoration projects in the North Inner City, despite significant Government funding, is hugely disappointing. 

The inaction is unacceptable and begs the question as to whether or not regeneration of these important city sites are beyond the competence and capacity of DCC. Mary has highlighted her concerns to the Chief Executive of Dublin City Council, Owen Keegan and she looks forward to receiving an update as to when the regeneration works will commence.