Birth Information & Tracing Bill

Mary welcomes the publishing of the birth information & tracing bill.

This legislation has been long awaited by many.  It follows years of repeated attempts over decades to legislate for information rights for adopted persons, all of which, ultimately, did not succeed. The urgent need for this legislation has been recognised by all political parties, stakeholder groups, and professionals working in the area and has been progressed as a matter of priority by the Government and Minister O’Gorman.

The comprehensive and inclusive Bill provides for the full release, on application, of birth certificates, and birth, early life, care, and medical information for adopted persons, people who were boarded out, nursed out, subject to an illegal birth registration, or who resided in a Mother and Baby or County Home Institution as a child.

In addition, the Bill establishes a robust statutory tracing service, a statutory Contact Preference Register and provides for the safeguarding of adoption and related records.

The legislation also addresses the issues facing people who are the subject of an illegal birth registration.  The Bill will provide a legal mechanism for provision of an accurate birth registration to affected individuals, while remaining mindful of their current identity.

To read the overview of the Bill click here