GP Contact

GP representative organisations, Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) and the Irish College of General Practitioners, have advised that GPs are the first point of contact for ALL patients with COVID-19 symptoms

GPs will respond to all patients including those who are not ordinarily registered with their practice.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms do NOT go a GP office but phone your nearest GP.  Click HERE to find your nearest GP.

GPs are dealing with a large volume of patient calls so please be patient.

In most cases, you will be asked for your details and will then receive a call back, please do not make multiple calls to the practice.

You will need to provide details to your GP including name, address, date of birth, symptoms, underlying health conditions and PPSN, so please have all relevant details to hand before making the call.

You will not be charged for this service. 

Anyone with symptoms should immediately self-isolate and contact a GP. Please stay at home and stay separate from other household members.

Huge thanks to all the GPs and all frontline workers who are dedicated and committed to the national efforts in relation to COVID19.