Labour & The City Manager in chahoots with City Manager to privatise bin collections.

Dublin City Manager has held secret meetings with Labour City Councillors regarding the privatisation of domestic bin collections in the city. Despite a request from Fianna Fail and Independent Councillors for a special meeting on this issue we were neither invited nor informed to meet the City Manager. How many other secret meetings have been held?

Furthermore Labour’s Lord Mayor of Dublin Cllr Andrew Montague has prevaricated in responding to my request on behalf of Fianna Fail and Independent Councillors, for a special meeting of the City Council to address the real concerns. He has rejected our email request and is insisting that at least five councillors make a written request and has said he will only consider the request after the signatures have been verified!

It beggars belief in this day and age that the Lord Mayor of Dublin, a Councillor that promotes himself as modern technology champion would be peddling such a line. What is more bewildering is that the Lord Mayor does not himself see a need for a Special Meeting of the City Council to address the serious issues that have arisen and must be addressed. In any event, we have delivered the letter as demanded.

Clearly the Labour Lord Mayor and Labour group on the Council have been working very closely with the Manager to privatise the bin service in Dublin but they need to admit that they have made a right mess of the city. We are on day four of the switch over and still homeowners haven’t received letters from DCC and/or Greyhound and bins remain uncollected.

We will continue to pursue this issue and I have today contacted the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee to consult with him on the issue. I will let you know when there is a further update.